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Shared libraries, why not to be afraid anymore

Well, the answer to that is because it works fine now and it’s really great. I kinda searched a lot for this and found all sorts of old tutorials on flash 6 which is not really what I wanted. Then I found this tutorial and it made things really easy. Basically if your file structure is simple (all your swf and html are in the same directory) then it’s a piece of cake. I had a bit of trouble because my swf were in a different folder, but once it was resolved, it was great. It’s really neat for fonts, you embed your fonts in the shared library and you can use it in any swf on your site, even the ones loaded in another swf. What is even greater is that your swf don’t have to contain dynamic textfields for you to save space, you’ll even save space for static textfields. I also considered putting in my shared library components that I use in at least three different movies, but I am not sure about that yet. That is one more step to making the smallest, lightest flash website. I’ll check if it is still the same in Flash CS3 and maybe I’ll make my own tutorial about it.


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