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The best snow effect in ActionScript 3

During the last days I’ve been doing Christmas cards for different clients for the agency I work for. One of those cards needed some snow in the background so I searched for different scripts in as3 to make a snow storm. I found 3 of those scripts¬† and I will review them in this post.

The first script is snow effect with wind from neatFilm. It looked nice on the website, but when I tried to integrate it in my movie nothing seemed to work quite right. The code seems really strange, there are a lot of “this” keyword used for nothing and an internal SnowFlake class that you don’t know why it’s internal…. I wouldn’t advise using this class.

The second script is a script I found today. It’s a script made by Seb Lee-Delisle¬†in 15 minutes. Well this guy must be really good if he made that in 15 minutes because it works pretty nicely. It doesn’t use too much CPU and I only had to tweak it a bit to make it work as a class that I could import easily.

The last script is made by the dude at pixelfumes. This guy released this code a long time ago and its been used on a lot of sites and even TV advertisements. The trouble is that this snow storm class is really heavy on the CPU, if you have 2 windows running one of your movie each, it’s going to run very slowly. Also even with some evident tweaking made to the code it stays heavy on the CPU.

So you can guess that I was pretty happy when I found the galaxy goo script today. It’s really the best one and next week I’ll show you what I have done with it.

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