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What Steve Jobs really means about the iPhone and Flash

It’s been a hot topic these days and I thought I would add my two bits to it all.

I didn’t think I would write about this but then something struck me. It’s funny the angle this story took because when you step back a bit you knida see something else. The first thing you have to look at is the fact that the iPhone displays a website in its original version (not flash website) not the mobile one. I think that is a really nice feature that the iPhone has. I think that it is because of that fact that the whole story about Flash not being on the iPhone started. Steve Jobs doesn’t want is iPhone to deliver disminished web content, we get that. That rules out FlashLite from being used; also it wouldn’t fit well with HTML content being rendered normally and rich content being rendered with FlashLite instead of Flash. No developper would want to have yet another platform to develop for. Now here is the point I find funny; Steve Jobs says that “the version of Flash formatted to personal computers is too slow on the iPhone” but what that really mean is that the iPhone is not powerfull enough to output Flash content fast enough. From the angle that the media puts it, Flash is not good enough but Flash as nothing to do with it, what it should trully say is that the iPhone is not powerfull enough to render Flash at a decent pace. But I think I would have made the same thing if I was in his shoes, put the finger at somebody else, no one in is rigthfull mind would say is product is not strong enough…

Well that was it, it all came from the fact that the iPhone stands in the middle point, too strong for mobile content but not enough for full web content. I don’t know if will come soon, but I sure hope so

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