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On to the next one

Lot’s of changes for me in the coming weeks. I have left Twist Image (wanted to write this post before but it’s been crazy times). I have been with them for nearly 3 years and worked on numerous projects for great clients, namely Pfizer, the Home Depot, TD, Dairy Farmers of Canada, etc. When I started I knew nothing about ActionScript 3, Object Oriented Programming and Design Patterns so I can say I learned a lot there. What makes a great agency is the people that work there, well I can say that there are lots of awesome people at Twist Image. I saw a bit what was coming down the road for the Flash projects and you should definitely check out what comes out of Twist Image in the coming months.

Where I am going

Well I found a job as Senior Flash Developer at B-Reel in New York. I have never been to New York so it’s a pretty big change for me. B-Reel as always been in my top choices for a workplace so this is like a dream come true. I will be starting in a week or so and I am pretty excited about can’t wait to be in New York, can’t wait to start working.

So to finish I leave you this Jay-Z video, I could have put Empire State of Mind but I felt On to the next one to be more appropriate.

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Recharge with milk and Robotlegs

I just wanted to show you what came out of my work with Robotlegs. Recharge with Milk is a hybrid site Html/Flash. We did the flash part because for the home section it would be faster to take care of the page resizing and to add some animations in the compare tool.

Only the home page was built using Robotlegs. It is pretty simple so it was a good fit to try a new framework, but there is way more going on than what it looks like. Everything on the home page is customizable from a xml and there are a lot of layers of views.

Recharge with Milk

At some point in the project I was finding real beauty in the code, but I was really sad because nobody other than developer could see that beauty…

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Dominoes for all for the holidays : Twist Image Holiday Humanoes

Want to see more than 2400 dominoes in 3D ?(why would you not?) Head over the Twist Image holiday card, see the Holiday Humanoes and make some with your friends’ faces on them.

I know that for every project I say that it was the most complicated one that I did, but this one really was the most complicated I ever did. There even was a night where I didn’t sleep because I wasn’t sure I could make it happen.

My big challenge was to create an experience that was close to what the design team was imagining but that wasn’t too CPU intensive (like all my other projects). I think I did manage to do that. It runs pretty smoothly even on some bad computers. I let Papervision3D do all the heavy lifting but I kinda trick the user into think that there are a huge load of dominoes while at any time there is only 300 of them max (you could consider this object pooling). A second challenge was to position those 2400 dominoes so the they make the final path. The design was done in Illustrator so what we did was that we exported the .AI file as a .SVG file. SVG is just an XML so I made another program that would read the SVG and output (trace to the console) ActionScript code that I would paste into the main application. Finally, the last challenge was to show a zoom out with all the dominoes fallen revealing the message. As I said earlier, if I had 2000+ dominoes at the same time that would be too hard for the computer and run really slow. So I replaced the scene with a bitmap. To get that final bitmap I had to make yet another program that would render me the final path with all dominoes fall and that a screenshot of it.

So I ended up doing 2 more ActionScript projects to end up with the finished product: The Holiday Humanoes.

Oh yeah, just a little trick to finish up, when you deal with COLLADA models, make sure your 3D guy exports the model without the textures if you don’t want the Flash Player to query the server each time you create a DAE. That is what was happening at first and it really scared me.

Holiday Humanoes

Holiday Humanoes

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Prepare to Roar

If you have been wondering why I haven’t been writting a lot this summer, well it’s been mostly because of this project. I learned a great deal on Papervision3D, using the webcam, on playing with bitmaps and on Facebook connect (even if I wasn’t the one doing that part) while building this project. So here you go, create some roars:

The goal of the campaign was to get teens involved with milk and to build on some ad spots that performed very well on MTV. So what you are doing with this application is recreating the ads but adding yourself at the end instead of the cow. Now I knowthat the site is a bit (to say the least) CPU intensive (3D tends to do this), but believe me it was worse than this before and I wish I would have had a bit more time to perfect this site.

The technical cool part is that you can use your picture, be it by uploading it or using your webcam, and using the derivate bitmap I will composite it with the cow skin and apply that to the loaded Collada model. That was kind of the premise of this site and we built around it with a vintage design. I hope you like it.

Here is a short list of librairies we used: as3corelib, TweenLite, Alcon, facebook api, google analytics for flash and Papervision3D.

Another cool feature is that you can embed your roar on your blog like this:

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2 new tools for The Home Depot: considering carpet and treat your windows

I haven’t written in the last month or so and I wanted to put an end to this. Two new Twist Image productions were just put live for The Home Depot : considering carpet and treat your windows. They are basically tools to help you choose carpets and window coverings. While I can’t say that I was as much involved with those project that the 3 before (think in colour, redefining floors and transition to tile), these projects have been really great at introducing the PureMVC framework to new developers. Since they didn’t have to build them from scratch because they are based a lot on the previous tools, these projects gave PureMVC a better learning curve and really showed them the advantages of using the framework. I didn’t have to do any convincing after that to get them to use PureMVC on every project we do.

The technologies used were about the same as the previous ones. This raises the number of tools we did for The Home Depot to 5 and our toolbox is nearly completed but stay tuned for something new in a near future.

Here are the links again:

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Show Your Pride: Just Moo

I’m happy to announce that we just lanched today a campaign for the Dairy Farmers of Canada. My part in this was to do develop the microsite, but their was an entire team working on the facebook application, the banners, the widget. We worked really hard on this and I think this is going to be a sucessfull campaign. I went on again using PureMVC even if this was more a website than an application and I can say that I really don’t regret it. Even if we kept adding features, the project grew correctly and I could go back in the code in a month and I would still be a happy developper and understand where everything is. Here is a list of the features / libraries used in the project:

  • PureMVC
  • SWFObject from Google hosted libraries API
  • TubeLoc (I had a few problems using it at first, but I could do it way faster now)
  • The microsite resizes to fit smaller resolutions
  • TweenMax (I am going to use the colorMatrixFilters everywhere now)

One of the goal of the campaign is to get the most people clicking on a button on June 3rd to make a world record. You can click on the button from facebook, banners, the microsite and a widget like this one:

Congrats to the entire team at Twist Image who worked on this. So check it out: The Great Canadian Moo.

And I forgot on June 3rd, go back to the microsite and go beserk on the moo button!

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It’s A Wonderful Life

It is with great pleasure that I present you the Twist Image holiday card : It’s a wonderful life:  The shameless product placement cut. This year’s version of the card is a video where we incorporated elements of our clients. You get to watch the video and at the end you guess how many insertion we did.

Unlike last year I didn’t get to work on the Twist Image card, because I was working on something else (can’t wait to show that), but I can say that this year card is pretty good. A lot of work as been put on the audio, video and the Flash and it paid off in the end. My only contribution on this project was some troubleshooting to include the SWFAddress library.

So here you go again:

It’s a wonderful life:  The shameless product placement cut.

Well stay tuned because I have a whole lot of other posts coming (I have been doing some cool stuff lately, probably have enough content for a post a day this week!). I’m off to rent the second season of Dexter.

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Myself in the PureMVC Pirate Internet Radio Conference

That is right, in a bit more than 6 hours, if you head to this address:

you will see me present some of the work I did on the two Home Depot projects we had at Twist Image. I’ll mostly be exposing how using a framework like PureMVC can change how you think and develop an application or website and why we came to choose this particular framework.

I am very excited about this opportunity and I am a bit stressed out at the same time. It’s been a long time since I did a presentation ( back while I was in school) and this is a bit different since I’ll be broadcasting from my desk using a webcam; it will be weird presenting while sat down but I think I’ll do fairly good.

Lastly, I’ve been watching a lot of the TV show The Wire so I hope I don’t slip too much slang words in there.

So again if you want to watch it its tomorrow November 19th at 12h30 (3h30 PST)

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Flash Freelancer wanted

TwistImage, the company I work for is currently looking for a freelancer for a small project. That project is a small game and is not very complex, but it would require some skill in ActionScript 2 (intermediary level). The freelancer would have to be free the next two weeks (we need this project fast) and would have to communicate with our office every day to report on progress. If you think you have what it takes for the project send your portfolio or some of your work to mario [at]



Finally something I can show – Twist Image Holiday eCard

I didn’t write a lot these past weeks because first it’s the holidays and second because I worked pretty late on making the Twist Image holiday eCard. Basically, it’s a collection of videos that have marked the year 2007 submitted by friends of the Twist Image president Mitch Joel. I had the chance to watch these videos a lot of time and I can say they are all pretty good.

What is nice with this microsite is that I used a lot of new technologies. First and foremost it’s done using flash 9 and ActionScript 3. I also used SWFObject 2.0 and SWFAddress 2.0. You can see the deep linking in action when you go to a URL like this: using SWFAddress it also enabled the use of Google Analytic. Finally I also used Tweener. I wanted to use TweenLite for my preloader but I fad a problem with it and the answer came when the site was already launched. For the snow I used the code from Galaxy Goo.

All in all this was a pretty good project, I wish I would have had more time to perfect it, like making rollover for the scrollbar and adding some sound effects but this was not a client project so it didn’t have priority in the company. Well now I am back working in ActionScript 2 and I can’t wait to get another AS3 project.

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