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A real portfolio and the sources to go with it

Well ya it’s kinda was crazy that I am a Flash dude and that I had an html portfolio. Well that time is over!

Go see my new portfolio here :

Now I am not a designer, so I did my best in that domain and I think I managed pretty well but you know, a designer would still have done better. There are still some tweaks I want to do: add sounds, individual urls for projects, analytics, loading indicators, add dates to projects, etc. I will continue to work on it but I thought it was good enough to show.

I built it using FlashDevelop and compiled using the Flex compiler version 4. I used Flash to make the visuals and exported those as swc to import them in my ActionScript project. I used PureMVC as my framework.

Since this is my project I can do what I always wanted to do and share the sources for it. I tried to comment it a bit and I am not saying that this is how one should code, but I have found that you can learn a great deal by looking at someone else’s code. That is what I am offering to you. You can reuse my code for whatever you want I don’t care, just don’t reuse my logo.

Here are the files:


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Follow me on Twitter

I finally decided to give Twitter a go. I don’t find it so attractive, but I am willing to try it out, at least see what it is all about. I think what I will likely post there are opinions about the Flash platform universe. That way I can keep this blog mostly technical and informative and still be able to express my opinions somewhere.

So here it is:

Let’s see where this will lead.


1 Comment blog is one year old

Just a quick post to celebrate the fact that today, this blog turns one. I never really knew where this would lead but I can say that I have no regrets and that it blew all my expectations. What I am mostly surprised of is that at school I did not like to write at all and here I am writing weekly on my blog.

In term of stats I wrote 92 posts and received 148 comments.  Each month I receive about 10 000 visits for a grand total of 59 000 visits for the entire year. My goal was to reach 10k visits a month  by January 1st 2009, but I already reached that. I guess I will end up the year with about 12k – 13k visits a month.

In terms of posts,  I think the kind of content I am posting is changing a bit. At first I was mostly posting about some quick fixes I had found to solve a small problem. But more and more I am writing posts explaining some concept. I think that is good, but at the same time those articles take more time to write.

I want to write more than what I did in the last 3 months, because my posting had dropped to less than one a week… A lot of factors explain this, but my blog now stands in my list of priorities. As a matter of fact we might even see a much need redesign soon.

Well stay tuned as this will get better and better.

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Dominic Gelineau is

I’ve been thinking about this post for a long time now. The thing is, when I write my name (Dominic Gelineau) in Google, it doesn’t return since I have started this blog. This is problematic in the sense that it would be good for my career that when people or future employer search my name in Google they find this blog. In not looking for a job right now, but I think that this blog is a very positive thing in proving my knowledge of ActionScript 3. So here it is, Dominic Gelineau is

I thought I could also talk a bit about my professional background and my education. Well first of all I am French Canadian and I think Montreal is one of the best city in the world to live in. I’ve traveled a bit in my life and I’ve never really found another city I’d be comfortable to live in maybe except Amsterdam.

I have to bachelor’s degrees; one in Computer Sciences that I finished at McGill in 2003 and one in Communication that I finished at UQAM in 2006. I am pretty happy with the mix of these two domains. I think Flash and Internet are really the just middle.

I have worked for one year for Blue Communications, a small web agency, where I was a web programmer. That’s where I really started doing Flash. Now I work at Twist Image where I do ActionScript programming 100% of the time and it’s really great.

When you write Dominic Gelineau there is actually one result that is related to me It is this a paper about simulated decorative mosaics. Well now that this post is out there I hope that will show up as a result for Dominic Gelineau.



Where this all started used to be the website for a company I had with two friends. We did good for a while made some websites, learned the ropes, made some money but when we finished school, we all went our way. Still it took us so much time to find a name that we all liked for the company and the web address that I didn’t want to just throw it away. So I’m going to use it for my blog. I didn’t think I would ever make a blog, but recently I have been looking around for questions about Adobe Flash and I have had a hard time finding the answer I wanted. So mostly this blog will be about my research in the ActionScript domain and mostly everything I find interesting.

For now I will use the wordPress platform to blog until I find something better. for now it serves all my needs. Also several changes will appear on the page as I tweak the interface. I don’t know how often I will update this blog, but I guess we will see…

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